What can you treat with the kidney channel?

1. Name at least 6 keywords about the kidney principle!

Life force, primal strength, essence (inherited from parents), premature signs of aging, rheumatic symptoms, premature graying, poor memory

Brain, back, spinal cord, bone marrow, strong bones, healthy teeth, joints, good hearing, shiny hair, hair growth

Aquatic kidney ensures blood purification, urination, mineral metabolism (sodium, potassium, magnesium), natural elimination of fluids, natural regulation

Fire animals are responsible for endocrine glands (adrenaline), sexual glands (sex drive, sexuality), pancreas, thymus, thyroid, parathyroid, pituitary gland, pineal gland

2. Name at least 7 symptoms that make you think of the Kidney Meridian!

– sensitivity to cold
– Low back pain, weakness in the joints, disc rubbing, osteoporosis, bad teeth, weak knees or leg restraints, joint pain, distensible joints
– Evening fever, night sweats, hot soles
– Thick, cloudy urine (Yin deficiency), pale urine, copious (Yang deficiency)
– terrible, anxious, lack of will, listless, bored, timid, shy, withdrawn
– Premature aging, rheumatic symptoms, hair loss, premature graying, presbycusis
– fluid retention (edema, effusions or swelling)
– Urinary and kidney problems, regular symptoms, prostate problems
– Dry tongue
– circulatory weakness
– anemia
– Calmness, lack of physical activity
– Dizziness, memory loss


3. Can you also name 3 psychologically important factors for the kidney principle?

Read through the keywords briefly and then select 3:

Willpower, love, sexual desire, tenderness, passion, orgasm

deep relaxation, restful sleep, regeneration

healthy recollection, the power of experience, inner calmness, calm rethinking, looking closely, truly looking behind and judging, openly questioning a child, setting aside prejudices, looking impartially, eliminating what has not proven itself, being able to integrate the new, continuous experiences to embrace that which is true, which is reality, „to be washed with all waters“, to bravely solve yesterday’s problems, to find support in oneself, to perceive also the unconscious

4. What is a mental imbalance?

Pressure, rigid, eternal yesterday, fear (unconsciously stifled movements, not looking or listening, not listening to yourself), hardly any activity, no way out, no goal, no meaning, no consequences for yesterday, resignation, have no counter-force, do not filter out the wrong, step on the spot, do not compare performance with reality, have no own point of view, yesterday do not clarify